Dog Training for sports or obedience! We have a class for you and your dog! AKC-CGC, Obedience , Puppy!

Our classes include family dog training, as well as training for AKC Classes, we offer private lessons as well.
Private lessons can be schedule with our trainer by appointment, call Pamela at 904-352-7631 to let her know you are interested in private lessons at Sunland Acres.

Group Classes coming up are:

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy October 3rd
9 am to 10 am
6 week Class
Covering the basic obedience commands and the common behavior problems of puppies.
Sunland Acres 1376 Fruit Cove Road S. Fruit Cove

Basic Obedience October 3rd
10 am to 11 am
Dogs are taught to sit, down, stay, recalls, and a couple of tricks!
4 week class / $100
Sunland Acres 1376 Fruit Cove Road S. Fruit Cove
Registration is on line with our trainer at

Obedience- AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy- AKC CGC Canine Good Citizen- Agility – Private Dog Lessons

Website calendar classes for agility, AKC, obedience, etc. has been updated for September through October.  

Puppy Social is for the puppies who have previously attended one of our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class of this year.  Great opportunity to introduce your puppy to other dogs, people, learn some new games, or even tricks!  Puppy Social is a new class for this fall. 

Sunland Acres classes are being reschedule to October 3 rd in order to allow time for clean up on the training field.  

Pet Therapy Classes will start in November all dogs must have a AKC-CGC Certificate in order to attend Pet Therapy. 

Service Dog In Training Classes will also begin in November, see the  November calendar for further details.



In need of a pet carrier for emergency transport during a hurricane?

For those of you who need a quick kennel for your pet here is an idea:
2 plastic laundry baskets tied together is a wonderful impromptu pet carrier. All the slots in the baskets make this very easy to grab and carry.
It is just that simple: One basket with the second upside down on top, creating a pod.Bind the two securely together with twine, cotton rags, or zip ties (if this will be a long ride). It is a good idea to throw a towel or a yoga mat in the bottom to serve as bedding and also minimize how much the pet slides around as you carry it.
Keep those fur kids safe.
Far Fetched Tales Dog Training 

Motivate yourself – Motivate your dog – Positive Training

Just as each person is different, so are dogs different from other dogs. All dog’s can be trained no matter what their breed, size, temperament, sex, or age. All dogs are trainable to some level. Yes, some dogs are easier to train than others, and that’s when you have to be more creative in how to motivate the dog. No dog is to old or too stupid to train. You the dog owner/handler must be motivated to train your dog with a positive attitude. Your approach to training must be positive. Dog’s who have learned to obey because it’s pleasant to do so is a happy dog. Dog’s need time to absorb training, repetitions of a training exercise is a must. Consistency, patience, and praise reward. Set your dog’s training exercises up for success and you will find that you rarely have to correct your dog. Teach each command thoroughly so that your dog understands how to please you by obeying the command.  One step at a time, one plateau at a time, and one praise reward at a time, are the steps leading to a well trained dog.

TEACH YOUR DOG TO COME WHEN CALLED – Training available Fruit Cove and Jacksonville

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training offers a class for teaching your dog to come when called. 

Using 3 easy steps, which will enhance your dog’s response to their name. 

This class is offered monthly, RECALL Class at Sunland Acres, Fruit Cove FL is this Tuesday  8/15  at  11 am.  Class is one hour for 2 weeks.

Next location is Jacksonville Dog Fanciers – RECALL Class –  August 31st at 7:30 pm, 6932 Morse Road, Jacksonville. 

Registration is on the website calendar tab at the top of this page.   

Valuable command that can actually save your dog’s life, by training the dog to come to you when called. 



Morning Classes- Dog Training- Jacksonville- AKC Trick Dog Test Center


Class Registration is found on our website calendar page.


Morning classes now being offered for a limited time.

Beginners Agility 8 am Monday August 7th. 
7 week course/ 4 weeks on leash training/ 3 weeks off leash training $140

Modular Agility ( for any dog who completed Beginners Agility) August 7th  at 9 am 4 weeks $90

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy 8 am August 3rd
6 weeks of lessons test on week 7
$150  / Location Jacksonville Dog Fanciers 

AKC CGC Class 9 am August 3rd
6 weeks of lessons test on week 7
$150  / Location Jacksonville Dog Fanciers 

Location: 6932 Morse Road, Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Dog Fanciers / Pals N Paws Agility Field

AKC TRICK DOG TEST CENTER – please register on line for your test and location. 

Jacksonville Dog Fanciers  August 9th @ 7 pm.  

Sunland Acres Pet Boarding and Camp August 2nd @ 6 pm. 

Registration for all classes  is found on line at
Evening classes are posted on the website calendar.

Simple way to train a dog to sit

How to train your difficult dog to sit:

A trait we share with dogs is the opposition reflex. If I gave you a shove to your right shoulder, what would happen? Your left leg would stiffen up to resist my effort to push you over. That’s the opposition reflex. When you push hard on his rear, the reflex is strongly stimulated, PLUS you have the dog’s own will involved. I’d suggest using high value treats to lure him into the sit. Move the treat over the dog’s head and backward eventually his rear will go down. If you need to add a little pressure to it you can scoop your hand under his hind legs and push behind his knees to sit him that way. But with his dominance and slight fear aggression, I’d use the treat method if at all possible.

* Reward all of the free sits. Notice and Mark the free behavior.
*During feeding time stand with the food bowl, do not say anything just stand there with the bowl and wait for the sit.

If you are still having trouble please contact at 904-352-7631.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training 


Private Dog Lessons are provided by appointment only. 

Contact us at 904-352-7631

Behavior problems, chewing, potty training!  Walking on a loose leash! Coming when Called! 

“All You Need Is Love and A Dog!”  Far Fetched Tales Dog Training

Train your dog at your site, time, and convenience!

One hour lesson $90 
Receive a 3 hour lesson package for $210

AKC Canine Good Citizen or AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy May 16th

May 16th 7 pm  AKC – S.T.A.R. Puppy 

May 16th 6 pm AKC- CGC  Canine Good Citizen 

Our new training session begins at Sunland Acres, classes are for 6 weeks with the AKC Test on Week 7!  Hope you can join us at this lovely shady training facility 1376 Fruit Cove Rd S Fruit Cove, FL 32259.






Dog Pool Safety

Dogs require supervision in the pool area at all times.

Falling in a pool could be a disaster for a dog who has not been taught how to get out.

For a safe and graceful lifesaving exit practice the following:

A.    We want the dog reaching the steps with a great celebration! So first gently carry your dog into the pool, show him how to locate the steps, reward and praise when your dog does find the steps. Once your dog is finding the steps 90% of the time, move on to exercise B.

B.    Swim a lap or two around the parameter of the pool with your dog, end with a jubilant exit at the stairs. Some water loving dogs may not want to get out, but all dogs need to be trained on how to properly exit a pool.

C.    Teach the dog to reach the steps from anywhere in the pool. Once the dog knows where the steps are this will help eliminate panic if the dog every falls into or is knocked into the pool by other dogs.

*If your dog is attending daycare where there is a pool, request this training be done before allowing your dog pool playtime.

Dog’s are not natural swimmers, use common sense. Always start swimming with your dog in a shallow area, never just toss your dog into the deep end as an introduction to swimming.

Always show your dog how to climb back into a boat, or reach the shore when swimming in lakes, rivers, etc. If your dog is not a strong swimmer, a doggy flotation device will be required for your dog’s safety.

Chlorine levels in pools should not be ingested by the dog, so always have a fresh bowl of water near by.

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