Exercises for Your Dog Part 3

Physical Exercise should always be accompanied with exercises your dog’s mind.


Absent any access to a dog-friendly fenced yard, play with your dog on a long line. A 50-foot line gives him a 100-foot stretch to run back and forth and work his jollies off.

Caution: Work up to 50 feet gradually, so he learns where the end of the line is. You don’t want him to blast full-speed to the end of his long line and hurt himself. Also, wear long pants. A high-speed long-line wrapped around bare legs can give you a nasty rope burn.

This is a great time to practice calling your dog by name, be sure to highly praise the dog every time the dogs turns to come to you.


Have your dog sit and wait or stay, or have someone hold his leash. Walk 10 to 15 feet away and let him see you place a treat OR toy on the floor. Walk back to his side, pause, and say “Find it!” encouraging him to go get the treat or toy. Repeat a half-dozen times.  Preferably use toys for this exercise or if you have taught your dog to target use targets.

When your dog is performing this exercise well at 90% prophecy add the following exercise:

Hide a toy or treat in an easy hiding place: behind a chair leg, under the coffee table, next to the plant stand. Walk back to his side, pause, and say “Find it!” encouraging him to go get the treat. Repeat a half-dozen times.


Next time hide several treats/toys/or yourself dog’s love finding their owners. First time hide in easy places while he’s watching.

This portion is the Find Game only with a little more difficulty.  Let your dog see you hide the toy or treat then return to his side, pause, and say “Find it!” Be sure not to help him out if he doesn’t find them right away.

You can repeat the “find it” cue, and indicate the general area, but don’t show him where it is; you want him to have to work to find it.  Hide the treats/toys in harder and harder places so he really has to look for them: surfaces off the ground; underneath things; and in containers he can easily open. Repeat a half-dozen times.   At 90% prophecy add the outdoors to this fun exercise when possible.  Repeat a half-dozen times.

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