Agility and Obedience Classes

Agility classes are taught outdoors,  so please understand that is why the start date on our calendar changes frequently due to rain.  In order to start your dog on agility, your dog should already know the basic obedience commands of sit, down, and know how to come to you when called.  Agility field is located at 6932 Morse Ave. Jacksonville, FL

We offer classes outdoors and indoors for obedience.  Looking forward to starting classes in September at the Nassau Humane Society, Fernandina Beach, FL.

Annual Obedience Lesson Sale starts this month, August 19th registration at the church from 5 to 7  pm .   If you register at the Riverside Park  St. Methodist Church on the 19th, please do not bring your dog the evening of the 19th, or you may register on line on our website.  First class to attend with your dog is August 26th, class is held outdoors at Riverside Park, Jacksonville, FL.