Puppy Training Tip

Law of dogs, they will follow your motion and emotion.  When entering through your home’s front door remain quite do not interact with your dog until your dog offers you good behavior, once the dog offers a good behavior such as sit or down, verbally reward the dog, and calmly pet the door.  If family members and friends are constantly greeting the puppy at the front with excitement, the puppy is learning that excitement at the front door is acceptable.  Enter and leave your home quietly, so your puppy learns to handle your comings and goings calmly.

“All you need is love and a dog.”

Please check out our website calendar for our group dog training. Private lessons scheduled by appointment only.

Puppy training should begin the day  you bring the puppy home.  The earlier the training starts the better!

All you need is love and a dog.


Pamela Wiltgen