Simple way to train a dog to sit

How to train your difficult dog to sit:

A trait we share with dogs is the opposition reflex. If I gave you a shove to your right shoulder, what would happen? Your left leg would stiffen up to resist my effort to push you over. That’s the opposition reflex. When you push hard on his rear, the reflex is strongly stimulated, PLUS you have the dog’s own will involved. I’d suggest using high value treats to lure him into the sit. Move the treat over the dog’s head and backward eventually his rear will go down. If you need to add a little pressure to it you can scoop your hand under his hind legs and push behind his knees to sit him that way. But with his dominance and slight fear aggression, I’d use the treat method if at all possible.

* Reward all of the free sits. Notice and Mark the free behavior.
*During feeding time stand with the food bowl, do not say anything just stand there with the bowl and wait for the sit.

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Far Fetched Tales Dog Training 

Pamela Wiltgen