Transform your dog with Obedience or Agility training.

Transform your dog into the very best it can be with our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program. 

This is not a training class where handlers and dog’s sit through a lecture.  We are actively working with your dog, and the handler for them both to become a team that excels all expectations.  Each lesson involves training along with socialization exercises in a learning environment.  

Our classes are 6 weeks, one hour in length, and we limit the number of dogs attending so that everyone has an opportunity to receive one on one instruction.   Focus exercises are taught,  impulse control is addressed, socialization with other people, and socialization with other dogs is also introduced after basic obedience commands are taught.   We strive to solve any behavior issues you might be experiencing.   

Beginners Agility Classes are 7 weeks.  The first 4 weeks dogs and handlers are learning the obstacles, each dog receives individual attention on the A-frame, See-saw, Dog Walk, etc.  Over the last 3 weeks the lessons are designed to assist the handler and dog to begin working off leash as a team.  This particular class repeats every 7 week. 

Please check out the locations and times for all of classes on our calendar page tab at the top of this website.  Our classes repeat every 2 to 6 weeks so if you do not see a class date that suits your schedule please keep checking back with us.   Private lessons at your site, time and convenience are available by appointment call and speak directly to our trainer at 904-352-7631.

Great response to the Look or Watch Me command by 2 month old Fred.