Fireworks can be scary to a dog.

Here are some tips for the 4th that deal with a sound sensitive dogs.

1. Make sure your dog is as TIRED as possible. A tired dog is a calmer dog.

2. Be prepared with medication ahead of time, a puppy doggie emergency room visit can run over $300. Call your vet today, ask them for recommendations on medications to help ease your dogs anxiety.

3. Make sure your dogs tags and microchip information is up to date. If your dog does escape (most dogs are lost during the 4th than any other holiday) .

4. Put your dog in a “safe” room with as few windows and doors as possible.

5. Keep the windows and curtains drawn during the festivities. You want your dog to be as stimulus free as possible.

6. Make your own noise to drown out the sound of the fireworks. Turn the T.V. on as loud as you can tolerate it. Set up numerous fans in the safe room so that they produce a fairly decent amount of background noise.

7. Use some type of pressure wrap. Although wraps such as the Thunder shirt claim to completely eliminate anxiety. You can also make your own anxiety reducing wrap by using an ace bandage.

8. Associate fireworks noise with positive things. If every time your dog hears a firework, treats rain from the sky, your dog might not feel so scared.

9. Try to keep your dog entertained all night long with Kong, work to eat puzzles, or plenty of high value bones to chew on. The act of chewing helps a dog to relieve anxiety.

10. Purchase CBD oil for dogs. Make sure the formula is made specifically for DOGS. Then give your dog the appropriate dose based on the manufacture’s instructions.

11. BONUS TIP: Add a dog homeopathic anxiety reducing solution like Rescue Remedy to your dogs dinner. We at Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, hope these tips help you make the 4th more enjoyable for both you and your fur kids. We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming classes or sometime soon!


Pamela Wiltgen