June is Dog Anxiety Recognition Month

Be afraid…..be very afraid

June – Dog Anxiety Awareness Month

Social Anxiety

Noise Anxiety – Fact 67% of dogs have at least one noise level which makes them anxious.

Separation Anxiety

Vet Office Visit Anxiety

While genetics do play a big part in whether or not your dog has anxiety. Some dogs are just more prone to having anxiety. And while you can’t change your dog’s genes, you can alleviate the symptoms of how those genes are expressed.

Whenever I learn of a dog with anxiety, it’s best to begin with additional exercise and mental stimulation. This is often a simple fix for anxiety. When in an anxiety situation, it’s always best to first try to divert your dog’s attention to a favorite toy, move the dog to a less stimulating environment, exercise the dog by taking the dog for a walk. Do not try to comfort the dog with your touch and voice, this normally backfires and only rewards the dog with your attention for such behavior. Teach your dog confidence. Anytime you are usure about your dog’s anxiety, contact an animal behaviorist or your vet. Call us at Far Fetched Tales Dog Training if your dog is experiencing anxiety.

Pamela Wiltgen