Pennsylvania AKC Virtual Home Manners – At your site, time, and convenience! July 2021!

Two levels of Home Manners will be offered – Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP) and Virtual Home Manners Adult (VHMA). Dogs that pass the tests will be awarded these titles.

The Virtual Home Manners tests assess ten skills that well-mannered pet dogs need in the home setting.  The skills relate to the dog owner having control over the dog, being able to walk the dog (which is one of the most frequently cited activities that owners want to do with their dogs) and developing a bond with the dog during playtime.

The Virtual Home Manners tests are evaluated online by Pamela or Megan. 

To earn the Virtual Home Manners titles, follow these easy steps:

  1. Dog owners will video their dogs performing the required skills.  You can obtain your checklist from Pamela or Megan. 
  2. A link to the video will be sent to Megan or Pamela. Zoom and other live formats may also be used for evaluating Virtual Home Manners. Contact us via email or phone to set up your private viewing. 
  3. After watching the video, if the dog passes, the Evaluator (Pamela or Megan) will send the combined Checklist/Video Verification Form to the dog owner. The Evaluator will also send a copy of this form to AKC.
  4. The dog owner will then send to AKC: 1) The Checklist/Video Verification 2) The Virtual Home Manners Application and a fee of $25 payable to AKC. Address and how to make the check out is on the form. 

Puppy List: Puppy Title (3 months [12 weeks] to 1 year)
___ 1. Allows owner to pet
(head/chin, shoulders, back)
___ 2. Grooming – brushing by owner (back/chest)
___ 3. Sit on command – can use lure
___ 4. Down on command – can use lure
___ 5. Comes when called – from 10 ft in house
___ 6. Go to place – stay 15 seconds
___ 7. House-trained – owner attests, describes
___ 8. Demonstrates relationship
Plays indoors – w/ family member/owner
(Choose 1: gets stuffed animal, ball, simple
trick, preferred game, etc.)
___ 9. Out for a walk – outside on leash
(straight line – 20 ft)
___10. Exercise outside – w/ family member/owner
(fetch toy, chase, swims, run with owner)

Adult Dog Title (4 mos – on)
___ 1. Owner pets, then grooms dog
(head/chin, shoulders, back, chest, belly;
check ears and feet)
___ 2. Sit on command (no lure)
___ 3. Down on command (no lure)
___ 4. Comes when called indoors
(from 20 ft. or another room)
___ 5. Manners related to food
Choose 1: _____ owner has a snack
_____ owner puts dog’s dish down
___ 6. Doorbellknock – dog behaves appropriately
___ 7. Go to place/crate – stay 1 minute
___ 8. Demonstrates relationship
Plays indoors – w/ family member/owner
Choose 1: ____ hide & seek
____ scent game (3 cups)
____ do a trick
____ toy, stuffed animal, etc.
___ 9. Out for a walk
Do both: _____ leash on, calmly exit door
_____ walk on loose leash
___10. Exercise outside – w/ family member/owner
Choose 1: ____ fetch or catch disc/toy
____ other: ____________


Jul 06 2021


Each applicant will receive a scheduled appointment.
8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Oakdale, PA


Oakdale, PA
Oakdale, PA


Megan Rodgers
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