Recall Class – Teach Your Dog to Come When Called – Hernando

A dog refusing to come to you can be very scary!

This is a two week class that can save your dog’s life.  

The first class we teach the commands.  We provide you 3 different commands to call your dog to you. 

We also review a “leave it” command, which assist in getting your dog to move away from a distraction. 

   This class is a life saver!  

“Come! COME!!! Come! Come! Come! Please come!”
If this sounds like your dog’s current recall, you may have a “poisoned cue.” This generally happens unintentionally and occurs when the cue either has an unclear meaning or takes on a negative association for the dog, so they ignore it. The easiest way to poison a cue is to overuse it by repeating the word over and over without your dog responding.
Come join our Recall Class and improve your dog’s recall performance.


Jan 08 2022


9:30 am - 10:30 am


Hernando, FL


Hernando, FL
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Pamela O Wiltgen


Pamela O Wiltgen
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    Pamela is the best. Patient, firm and respectful of you puppy’s/dog and an excellent trainer. We have had private lessons with Pamela for our GSD puppy and have seen drastic changes in his behavior. We wanted to train him right this time (after having 3 unruly dogs in the past) and have him be social and obedient and Pamela gave us the tools to work with. Immediately when she comes through your door she starts the training and her reward based training goes into motion. Our dear puppy Cody… Read more
    Beverly Hills, FL

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