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Coming when called
A well trained dog is a happy dog owner.

This is a two week class that can save your dog’s life.  

The first class we teach the commands.  We provide you 3 different commands to call your dog to you. 

We also review a “leave it” command, which assist in getting your dog to move away from a distraction. 

   This class is a life saver!  

“Come! COME!!! Come! Come! Come! Please come!”
If this sounds like your dog’s current recall, you may have a “poisoned cue.” This generally happens unintentionally and occurs when the cue either has an unclear meaning or takes on a negative association for the dog, so they ignore it. The easiest way to poison a cue is to overuse it by repeating the word over and over without your dog responding.
Come join our Recall Class and improve your dog’s recall performance.



Just wanted to give a hearty recommendation on an excellent dog trainer we have been working with.  Our new golden retriever puppy (Emma) was pretty much out of control so we asked Pamela Wiltgen of “Far Fetched Tales Dog Training” to help.  Over the course of 3 one hour sessions, she immediately established a dog-whisperer-like” relationship with Emma and taught us techniques to use.  The result is a very big improvement in behavior and an arsenal of techniques and tools we now routinely use.

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