Recall Class-Teaching your dog to come when called -Tuesdays Hernando


This is a two week class that can save your dog’s life.  

The first class we teach the commands.  We provide you 3 different commands to call your dog to you. 

We also review a “leave it” command, which assist in getting your dog to move away from a distraction. 

   This class is a life saver!  

“Come! COME!!! Come! Come! Come! Please come!”
If this sounds like your dog’s current recall, you may have a “poisoned cue.” This generally happens unintentionally and occurs when the cue either has an unclear meaning or takes on a negative association for the dog, so they ignore it. The easiest way to poison a cue is to overuse it by repeating the word over and over without your dog responding.
Come join our Recall Class and improve your dog’s recall performance.






Jul 13 2021


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




West Oregon Court

Location 2

Pamela O Wiltgen


Pamela O Wiltgen
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    There is so much to say. Pamela is wonderful with animals. She managed to even train him a bit while he was in her care. She would take care of our pup for up to a week or so or sometimes just for a long weekend. When he would ever see her again he would whimper couldn’t wait to get to her door. I would highly recommend her for any pet. She is awesome… Hernando/Citrus County  Lori 
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