Fireworks can be scary to a dog.

Here are some tips for the 4th that deal with a sound sensitive dogs.

1. Make sure your dog is as TIRED as possible. A tired dog is a calmer dog.

2. Be prepared with medication ahead of time, a puppy doggie emergency room visit can run over $300. Call your vet today, ask them for recommendations on medications to help ease your dogs anxiety.

3. Make sure your dogs tags and microchip information is up to date. If your dog does escape (most dogs are lost during the 4th than any other holiday) .

4. Put your dog in a “safe” room with as few windows and doors as possible.

5. Keep the windows and curtains drawn during the festivities. You want your dog to be as stimulus free as possible.

6. Make your own noise to drown out the sound of the fireworks. Turn the T.V. on as loud as you can tolerate it. Set up numerous fans in the safe room so that they produce a fairly decent amount of background noise.

7. Use some type of pressure wrap. Although wraps such as the Thundershirt claim to completely eliminate anxiety. You can also make your own anxiety reducing wrap by using an ace bandage.

8. Associate fireworks noise with positive things. If every time your dog hears a firework, treats rain from the sky, your dog might not feel so scared.

9. Try to keep your dog entertained all night long with Kong, work to eat puzzles, or plenty of high value bones to chew on. The act of chewing helps a dog to relieve anxiety.

10. Purchase CBD oil for dogs. Make sure the formula is made specifically for DOGS. Then give your dog the appropriate dose based on the manufacture’s instructions.

11. BONUS TIP: Add a dog homeopathic anxiety reducing solution like Rescue Remedy to your dogs dinner. We at Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, hope these tips help you make the 4th more enjoyable for both you and your fur kids. We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming classes or sometime soon!

AKC Trick Dog

Congratulations to Susan and Riker for receiving their Performance Trick Title. Congratulations! This was my first COVID19 video experience with AKC as an evaluator, so glad it was an easy process! Win on both sides!

Happy Memorial Day! Stay Safe, keep your pets close by.

Fireworks can be very scary to our fur kids. Please keep your pet on leash or kenneled during fireworks. Especially if you are in a different environment than at home.

Good to know your dog’s normal and abnormal vital signs

Body Temperatures of a Dog

Hypothermic/Low Below 101
Normal Between 101 and 102.5
Hyper thermic/High/Fever Over 102.5

The body temperature is important to the health of a dog. If a dog is too cold or hypothermic it may not receive adequate blood flow to all the parts of the body. If it is too warm or hyper thermic it may cause damage to internal organs. This condition is also referred to as a fever. Both extremes can be fatal to a dog.
If a dog has an abnormal body temperature it may be lethargic and not very alert. If the temperature is too low, the dog may shiver but if the temperature is too high the dog may pant. Either extreme is worrisome.

Heart Rates of a Dog

Bradycardic/Low Below 60
Normal 60-140
Tachycardic/High Over 140

Resting Heart Rate Ranges of a Dog in Beats Per Minute
Smaller and out of shape dogs may have faster normal heart rates than larger dogs. Smaller dogs typically have heart rates between 100-140 while larger dogs will be between 60-100 BPM.
Respiratory Rates of a Dog

Bradypnic/Low Below 10
Normal 10-35
Tachypneic/High Above 35
Respiratory Resting Rate Ranges of a Dog in Breaths Per Minute. Smaller dogs may have faster respiratory rates than larger dogs.

Keeping track of your dog’s health.

Group Dog Training Classes will resume for private and group dog training classes.

Please check out our calendar for the most recent class schedule up dates and locations.

Keeping all clients and dogs at 6 foot distance. We practice safe distancing at every class always, even before COVID 19. Actually we have the ability for everyone to be 10 feet apart, and will continue practicing safe distancing.

All group classes are held outdoors, so please bring plenty of water for you and your dog. And dress according to the present fore cast weather conditions. Highly recommended that tennis shoes or running shoes be worn by handlers / dog owners, as flip flops or sandals are hazardous apparel for training.

AKC has allowed provision to restructure AKC STAR Puppy and AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluations for COVID 19 compliance.


During this time of limited contact…..we are only offering private lessons practicing a 10 foot distance or internet on-line video support.

Call us for your private lesson appointment at 904-352-7631

Thank you for your understanding. We will be updating our class calendar more frequently as of today.

Dog Training and Pet Sitting Citrus County, Dunellen, and Ocala “All you need is love and a dog!”

Bark Central Inverness, Classes are in progress our next start up date there is March the 3rd for Intro to Agility. March 19th begins our newest set of AKC and Obedience Classes check our website calendar for dates and times.

Feb 16th our Hernando/Lecanto location starts a new class session for AKC Puppy and AKC Canine Good Citizen! A well behaved dog equals a happy dog owner. Check our website calendar for dates and times.

Intro to Agility!

Valentines love to learn! Sign your fur kid up for a class today! Homemade dog biscuits!

Homemade Heart Shaped Biscuits

* 1/3 cup beet puree or fresh beet juice
* 1 and 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour
* 2 teaspoons baking powder

Cooking Instructions
Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a six-cup muffin tin with muffin cups.

In a large bowl whisk together oil, applesauce and beet puree.

In a separate bowl, combine flour and baking powder. Slowly stir flour mixture into the wet ingredients.

Knead for 3 minutes. Roll out dough to 1/4″ and use the cookie cutter of your choice to cut out cookies. Place on prepared cookie sheet (either use parchment paper or grease sheet) and bake 14 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into a cookie comes out clean. Remove cookies from the pan and cool on a rack.

Our new set of classes start on Feb. 16th in Hernando!  Click on the Calendar Tab at the top of the page to see the schedule! Hope to see you there! All you need is love and a dog! 

Check out our additional class location!

January is National Dog Training Month!

Bark Central Dog Park – Inverness, FL
January 23rd
AKC STAR Puppy 4:30 to 5:30 pm
AKC CGC – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Recall Class – teaching your dog to come when called. 3 pm to 3:30 pm
February 4, 2020 Tuesdays at 4:30 pm Beginners Agility

Hope your come out to play with us at Bark Central Dog Park – Inverness, FL  Registration is on line at 

Dog Training and Pet Sitting Gift Certificates Citrus County

Contact us via email if you need to purchase gift certificates for the fur kids this Christmas Season. 

  • Pet Sitting Gift Certificates 
  • Private Dog Lesson Gift Certificates 
  • Group Dog Lesson Gifts Certificates for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy or AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Dog walking gift certificates  


Group classes begin January 5th!  Hope to see you during the New Year! 

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