Far Fetched Tales Dog Training cannot make any guarantee regarding the outcome of any training/counseling program.  The owner assumes full responsibility for the dog’s behavior during and after the training/counseling program.


The owner of the dog(s) may postpone any of the private lessons provided twenty-four hours’ notice is given to the Company.  The owner understands and agrees that failure to give the company twenty-four hours’ notice of a lesson cancellation will result in the Company counting said failure as a completed lesson with the full amount owed by the owner to the Company for said lesson.  


Once private lessons or group training classes have begun all fees for dog training services are non-refundable.

When an illness/injury of a person or dog, a partial refund might be considered when accompanied by a written letter of explanation from a veterinarian or physician for review. 


The owner of the dog(s) may have the animal withdrawn from training at any time, however, once training or classes of private lessons or group training are in session; all fees are non-refundable.


As the legal owner/agent of the abovementioned pet(s), having carefully read and fully understand this agreement, do hereby waive and release Far Fetched Tales Dog Training and Pamela Wiltgen from any and all liability of any nature.  This includes any injury, death, sickness or damage my pet may suffer during or after any training program.  I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Far Fetched Tales Dog Training and Pamela Wiltgen  from any and all claims due to damage the pet may cause to any family members of any third parties during or after training.  This risk is entered into with the owner 100% responsible for their dog’s behavior at all times in the class environment. 


The owner/agent will be responsible for purchasing all necessary equipment that the trainer recommends for training the dog(s).

Scheduling 3 hour or more One Hour Training Sessions:   

Cancellations are required within 24hrs. of appointment by phone 904-352-7631 or text 970-640-2202.  Three hour sessions are to be scheduled by the dog owner with Far Fetched Tales Dog Training.  If all hours are not scheduled within a 6 month time frame, any lesson after the 6 month will be forfeited without refund.

In the event either party deems it necessary to employ legal counsel to protect its rights under this agreement, the prevailing party agrees to pay all expenses including, but not limited to costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

This training agreement and Addendum A represents the full and only agreement between the parties.  The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement cannot be modified or changed in any way unless agreed to by both parties in writing.  I have read, fully understand and agree to the above contract terms.