Success and training methods
A successful training method works if it helps dogs and others can replicate it.
Many people want the training method to solve their issues, but sometimes first, the handlers mindset needs to change; the right system with the wrong mindset won’t do it.
The mindset that fosters developing a partnership with your dog includes:
A.)  More communication and less pressure.
B.) Setting your dog up to succeed. 
C.)  Slow down and exhibit more patience with less rushing (of the training).
D.) Letting go of expectations of what you want your dog to become and accepting him for who he is.  All dogs learn at different levels, accept the level of learning of your dog.  
12 week old Tye

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All you need is LOVE and a DOG. 

Most experts say that by six months, your dog should have a solid foundation of training to work with and should be sufficiently bonded with you to follow commands and display an eagerness to learn. That said, every dog is different, so be flexible in your training and overall expectations.

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