Rescue Dog Class “The First 30 Days.”

Virtual on line class designed just for Rescue Dogs.

Basic Obedience is a 4 week class.   Cost: 75.00

We are now offering a Rescue Dog 4 week virtual class. This 4 week class will assist you with the proper way to introduce your dog to other pets, people, etc. Covers coming when called, after all this never instantly happens! Over coming behavior issues, health tips, and how to make that first night at home more comfortable for you newly adopted dog. Registration is on the website at This class is provided from the convivence of your home computer, it’s best if your laptop or pc has a camera as we provide demonstration and shared videos during this class. Once you register, you will receive an email invitation to join the class. This class is best attended with in the first week of owning your new rescue dog, the first 30 days is a very important bonding time between the new owner and the dog. The first 30 days with your rescue dog is so very important as this is when the dog is studying you and looking towards it’s new human to be the leader of the new partnership! All you need is love and a dog!

A well trained dog equals a happy dog owner.  A very fun and informative class for all dog breeds.  

All you need is love and a dog!
Rescue a Dog, Save a life and gain a new companion. It’s a win, win for all.

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Five days after our first appointment our dog has already improved. Our ‘bad’first dog is behaving better than our ‘good’ dog. He still needs work but we are very happy with Pamela’s methids and we are looking forward to the next step.   Orange Park, FL