Agility Student’s Comments About Dog Training

Just a quick note to compliment you on your training methods.
I’ve been doing this a long time and have both experienced a number of trainers and have trained beginners classes myself, although its obvious I’ve forgotten a lot!
The three things I especially have noticed is your ability to identify a specific point in the dogs behavior and go back to reinforce that point. IE missing the first jump in a sequence. You change the training goal to ‘first jump’ rather that trying to put the entire sequence back on track.  You also are great at identifying the dogs basic needs and addressing these rather that just sticking to the lesson plan.  IE Reggie’s fear of the teeter and identifying a way to overcome that. Third, you are also great a reinforcing behavior immediately, vs waiting 10 seconds as many of us do.
I’m sure many of us expect more rapid progress and would forge ahead ignoring these less than obvious steps, to the detriment of our creatures!
Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you next week.
Jim and Reggie
Jacksonville, FL
Agility Student's Comments About Dog Training