Motivate yourself – Motivate your dog – Positive Training

Just as each person is different, so are dogs different from other dogs. All dog’s can be trained no matter what their breed, size, temperament, sex, or age. All dogs are trainable to some level. Yes, some dogs are easier to train than others, and that’s when you have to be more creative in how […]

TEACH YOUR DOG TO COME WHEN CALLED – Training available Fruit Cove and Jacksonville

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training offers a class for teaching your dog to come when called.  Using 3 easy steps, which will enhance your dog’s response to their name.  This class is offered monthly, RECALL Class at Sunland Acres, Fruit Cove FL is this Tuesday  8/15  at  11 am.  Class is one hour for 2 […]

Puppy Training Tip

Law of dogs, they will follow your motion and emotion.  When entering through your home’s front door remain quite do not interact with your dog until your dog offers you good behavior, once the dog offers a good behavior such as sit or down, verbally reward the dog, and calmly pet the door.  If family […]

Why is your dog fearful?

Dogs are fearful of people for several reasons.  There may be a genetic predisposition to fearfulness of people.  Fifty years ago, researchers found that fears of people could have a genetic basis in dogs.  While extra socialization, behavior modification and medications all helped, dogs with these predispositions were never able to completely overcome their fears […]

Dogs who act aggressive

(Stage 1) Dog aggression starts with a staring contest not the bark and growl session (stage 2). If the dog is watching the handler’s face and not looking at other dogs, aggression/dominance dances don’t start. To prevent the staring contest, there are handling exercises that I cover in all of my obedience classes to prevent […]

5 symptoms you should never ignore:

1. Pacing and restlessness.  In dogs, pacing and restlessness can indicate pain, discomfort or distress.  Restlessness can be associated with a life-threatening condition call “bloat” in which the stomach becomes distended and twisted.  Left untreated, it results in death. Pacing and restless can be an indicator of a serious problem, so be on the lookout. […]

Your dog’s water bowl

As a general rule, change the water in your dog’s bowl at least 3 times a day. Make sure your dog’s bowl is clean. If you wouldn’t drink from it, chances are he won’t want to drink from it either. You need to wash your dog’s water bowl every day and disinfect it regularly to […]

4 Steps to Teach a Sensitive Dog to Confidently use a Doggie Door

1. Teach Dog to Go Through an Uncovered Pet Door Completely remove the flap covering the door. In the case of the Petsafe Doors, which are not removable, use heavy packing tape to tape the flap completely up out of the way. Make sure the opening is 100% open and the dog can see outside. […]

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