Motivate yourself – Motivate your dog – Positive Training

Just as each person is different, so are dogs different from other dogs. All dog’s can be trained no matter what their breed, size, temperament, sex, or age. All dogs are trainable to some level. Yes, some dogs are easier to train than others, and that’s when you have to be more creative in how to motivate the dog. No dog is to old or too stupid to train. You the dog owner/handler must be motivated to train your dog with a positive attitude. Your approach to training must be positive. Dog’s who have learned to obey because it’s pleasant to do so is a happy dog. Dog’s need time to absorb training, repetitions of a training exercise is a must. Consistency, patience, and praise reward. Set your dog’s training exercises up for success and you will find that you rarely have to correct your dog. Teach each command thoroughly so that your dog understands how to please you by obeying the command.  One step at a time, one plateau at a time, and one praise reward at a time, are the steps leading to a well trained dog.