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Private Lesson Customer:

I cannot believe Banjo is the same dog! I’m so glad I made the decision for you to come to the house for a private lesson! We have been practicing our homework, and when we went for a walk today, he didn’t even look at the dog he normally wants to attack! They walked by and his owner told me that this is the best she has ever seen him! This was his first walk where we came across another dog since you were here on Thursday, that’s only 3 days ago! We were so impressed by you and your expertise that I don’t think Caesar Milan has ANYTHING at all compared to what we saw in the short time you spent with Banjo and how you taught us what to do!
I am interested in definitely you either coming back or/and taking your class for dogs over 1 year. I know there is so much he can learn and now I have the confidence to make him do what he needs to so I can get him to listen and stop his bad behavior. I vacuumed today, and he stayed in the hallway to the bedroom and watched! You are AMAZING! Sherri-Inverness 

Private Lesson

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