Rescue Dog Virtual Class – The First 30 Days

Please join our Virtual On Line Rescue Dog Class. The First 30 Days. Does not matter where you live geographically, as this virtual class comes to you at the comfort of your home computer. As a seasoned dog trainer I have noticed that the first 30 days with your new rescue it’s very important how you introduce your dog to the new home, new pets, etc. Let us help you during this first 30 days obtain some proper behaviors right from the start. You never get this time back, so once you adopt call register on line at the link above for your class. Class size is limited to 8 dogs so everyone has time to convey any training or behavior issues they are dealing with. Simply click on the link below and register for your RESCUE DOG CLASS ” The first 30 days.

Class is 4 weeks in length, each class is one hour in length, and the cost is $75. Go to our lessons tab upcoming classes and register on line.

Virtual Rescue Dog Class “The First 30 Days”

All you need is love and a dog!
Rescue a Dog, Save a life and gain a new companion. It’s a win, win for all.