January is National Dog Training Month

January is National Dog Training Month Schedule your private or group lesson to celebrate!  Private Lessons are by appointment call 904-352-7631.  We serve Citrus County.  Next available Group Lessons are coming up January 28th at Bark Central in Inverness  9:30 am AKC STAR Puppy – Bark Central  10:30 am AKC CGC Canine Good Citizen – […]

How much exercise does your dog breed truly need?

Here is a quick guide. I find that most behavior problems can be solved by offering the dog more exercise. Go to AKC.org to find out what group your dog belongs to if you are not sure. A Tired Dog equals a Happy Dog Owner.

Happy Holidays From Far Fetched Tales Dog Training

Merry Christmas, Gift Certificates are available for Pet Sitting Dog Walking Daily Pet Care or Dog Training Private or Group Lessons Contact us today! 904-352-7631

AKC Virtual Manners

If you have trained your puppy or adult dog at home and would like to earn the AKC’s Virtual Home Manners titles to demonstrate your accomplishments, this is the place for you! Virtual Home Manners Reviews by Far Fetched Tales Dog Training What is Virtual Home Manners? Virtual Home Manners (VHM) is the answer when you want to […]

Puppy Biting at Your Feet, Hands, or Clothing?

If your puppy keeps going into attack mode: growling, grabbing clothes, and biting legs. It is normal for puppies to behave this way; your very young puppy is just trying to get you to play. The dog is obnoxious at the moment, but will grow up. For now, make sure that you initiate play with […]

Sunscreen Protection for Dogs

Protect your dog’s nose with “My Dog Nose It.” Your’s dogs nose will thank you. If you are in the outdoors a lot you also might consider having your dog wear protective eye-wear. Personally, I have used and like Petlesco Goggles for my border collie. Enjoy outdoor playing with your pets such as skiing, biking, […]

Fireworks can be scary to a dog.

Here are some tips for the 4th that deal with a sound sensitive dogs. 1. Make sure your dog is as TIRED as possible. A tired dog is a calmer dog. 2. Be prepared with medication ahead of time, a puppy doggie emergency room visit can run over $300. Call your vet today, ask them […]

AKC Trick Dog

Congratulations to Susan and Riker for receiving their Performance Trick Title. Congratulations! This was my first COVID19 video experience with AKC as an evaluator, so glad it was an easy process! Win on both sides!

Happy Memorial Day! Stay Safe, keep your pets close by.

Fireworks can be very scary to our fur kids. Please keep your pet on leash or kenneled during fireworks. Especially if you are in a different environment than at home.

Good to know your dog’s normal and abnormal vital signs

Body Temperatures of a Dog Hypothermic/Low Below 101Normal Between 101 and 102.5Hyper thermic/High/Fever Over 102.5 The body temperature is important to the health of a dog. If a dog is too cold or hypothermic it may not receive adequate blood flow to all the parts of the body. If it is too warm or hyper […]

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