All you need is love and a dog!

New Class Session for Puppies and Adult Dogs Mason County, KY and Lexington, KY

AKC STAR Puppy  – one hour class for six weeks  Class covers all of the basic training commands, loose leash walking, teaching come when called, and more! For dogs under one year of age. 

AKC CGC – Canine Good Citizen Class,  provides all of the instruction you will need for your dog to be a good neighbor dog, obedient, and life long companion.  For dogs who have passed their AKC STAR Puppy or One year of age.   

AKC – Trick Dog Beginners to Advance – one hour class for 4 weeks prepares your team for their next level of AKC Trick D0g.  

Classes start August 2022  please to check our calendar tab at the top of our website for location, times, and pricing.  If you missed our August class schedule please reference our September calendar as classes repeat every 4 to 6 weeks. 

“All you need is love and a dog.”  

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Serving Mason County, KY and Lexington, KY 


Pamela Wiltgen