AKC National Championships

Orlando, FL Dec. 14th and Dec. 15th.

2013 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and/or the 2013 Eukanuba World Challenge at the OrangeCountyConvention Centerin Orlando, Florida, USA, December 14th–15th, 2013.  Dogs also compete for the title of Eukanuba World Challenge Champion, with a $10,000 prize; additional prizes are $3,000 for the runner-up and $2,000 for second runner-up.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training will be there with training demonstrations both Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 14th and Dec. 15th.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, offering private and group lessons to Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, Arlington, St. Augustine, Fleming Island, Mandarin, Atlantic Beach, and Jacksonville Beach.






Best in Match AKC Award

Rudder attended obedience training at Far Fetched Tales Dog Training.

Congratulations to Far Fetched Tales Dog Training Customer, Fran and Rudder! Rudder (5months old) with his winning basket of goodies.

Winning Best in Match at the West Volusia Kennel Club, Inc. Sanctioned AKC match on September 20. 2013

Agility Awards for Daisy Mae

First AKC Agility Trial
Far Fetched Tales Student Performs Well

Far Fetched Tales Agility Student did a great job at the AKC Trial.
Daisy Mae, (hound mix)
leaping for joy at her first AKC agility trial by Pals and Paws Oct. 26-27, 2013. — at Jacksonville Equestrian Center.
Qualified in 5 out of 6 courses (Novice level) and placed 1st or 2nd in her height class in 4 of them. Daisy Mae leaping for joy at her first AKC agility trial by Pals and Paws Oct. 26-27, 2013.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training,  Beginner Agility Classes start Nov. 25th at 6pm.  register for class at https://dogtrainerpamela.com/calendar/


Agility Competition Jacksonville, FL

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training will be playing with Jo Dee and Harley this weekend at the Pals n Paws Agility Trial! We will have a booth there with information on Puppy Training, Obedience, Problem Solving, Agility information and Treibball information. Oct. 25th through the 27th! 8 am until 3 pm come out and enjoy the agility fun with us this weekend! Link attached will offer more information regarding this weekends trial.


Strut Your Mutt Riverside Park, 753 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

8-8:15 Treibball  demonstration by Far Fetched Tales Dog Training

11:45-12 Treibball demonstration by Far Fetched Tales Dog Training


Jacksonville:  It’s time to Strut for homeless pets!

Get ready, get set, get your pooch warmed up…it’s time for Best Friends Animal Society’s Second Annual Strut Your Mutt in Jacksonville. Join us for a fun walk and the ultimate doggie festival that supports local animal rescue groups and helps to save the lives of animals in shelters!

Don’t miss cool attractions for you and your pooch:
  • Fly Ball demos
  • Agility demos
  • Nose Work demo
  • Trieball demo
  • PAWS & PALS: Painting Activity for Kids of All Ages and Their Pups presented by Petfinder
  • Smooch Your Pooch Kissing Booth
  • Ruff and Relax presented by John Paul Mitchell School
  • Belly Rub Hub
  • Ask the Trainer
  • Ask-A-Vet
  • Putt with your Mutt (putting green)
  • Best Friends Save Them All™ tent – learn more about Best Friends’ new call-to-action campaign!

Strut Your Mutt Jacksonville Details:

Who: Jacksonvillians two-legged and four who want to “walk the walk” for homeless pets!

What:  A leisurely dog walk followed by a doggie-themed festival that includes pet contests, photo s, treats for your dogs, fun activities, refreshments and more.

Where:  Riverside Park, 753 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

When:   Saturday, September 7, 2013 – 8:00am – 12:00pm
8:00am – 
Check-in and onsite registration opens
9:30am – Strut begins

Why: To raise money for your favorite local animal welfare group (any of Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets Network Partners) or Best Friends Animal Society, and to help bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets®.




Intermediate to Advanced Agility 8 am Every Tuesday

Objective to instill confidence and a sense of fun in performing agility obstacles in short sequences.

This class will feature some new challenges, but as always I will work with each dog’s skill level as well.   Class is designed for intermediate to advance dogs.

* Dog must have completed Beginners Agility and Off leash agility class.    Or able to work off leash. Dog must demonstrate basic control.

Class is for 4 weeks – 8 am Tuesday

Working with enthusiasm

Register for class at the calendar tab at the top of the page.
Far Fetched Tales Dog Training New Agility Class for Jacksonville

Why is your dog fearful?

Dogs are fearful of people for several reasons.  There may be a genetic predisposition to fearfulness of people.  Fifty years ago, researchers found that fears of people could have a genetic basis in dogs.  While extra socialization, behavior modification and medications all helped, dogs with these predispositions were never able to completely overcome their fears and behave like normal dogs.

Contrary to what you might think, dogs aren’t inherently accepting of people. Dogs, like many mammals and birds have to learn whom to like and to whom to be fearful.  Most puppies that have good experiences with people during the sensitive period for socialization (4 – 12 weeks) grow up to be friendly to most people.  But if young dogs don’t have consistent contact with a wide variety of people, they are quite likely to be fearful of at least some people and may only be capable of developing strong social bonds with only a few individuals.  Inadequately socialized dogs can become less fearful of people, but it can require a long time and a lot of effort.

Third, traumatic experiences with people at any age can cause some dogs to become fearful of people.  Unpleasant experiences with children can lead dogs to become fearful of them.  Painful or fear-provoking experiences with adult humans who look a certain way, or dress or behave in a particular way can lead dogs to be afraid of anyone with similar characteristics.

Often a fear related problem is caused by a combination of these factors. When we work with fearful dogs, we often never really know what has produced the fearful behavior.   Fortunately, knowing the causes isn’t always necessary to help with the problem.

Early obedience training, playing dog sports such as flyball, agility, or treibball can help these dogs come out of their shell.

Train your dog immediately, private lessons or group lessons, a well trained dog is less likely to have fear based issues.  Training will also provide the needed socialization.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training offers classes for dogs of any age or skill level select from Private Lessons or Group Lessons

Understanding the body language of the fearful dog.


Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, serving Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, Fleming Island, Orange Park, and St. Augustine.



Unwanted Dog Behavior What To Do:

Correcting Unwanted Dog Behavior:

We’ve all done it – you come home from a long, hard day at work to find that your dog or puppy has chewed up a brand new pair of shoes, and in your mind, the most satisfying way to handle the problem at the moment is by yelling at your dog.  Advise that you call the dog anything than by it’s name when your dog is misbehaving, come up with a bad dog nickname, after all the dog needs to always associate it’s name with a pleasant experience.

Scolding Is Not The Answer

It is easy to lose your temper with your pooch when they perform a bad behavior, and at first, it seems as though that is the best way to deal with the situation. However, shouting at your pal when he does something bad is not an effective way to correct him. Whether it is destructive chewing, going potty on the carpet, or jumping, there is a solution that any dog trainer can help you with, and the solution is not scolding.

Dogs Don’t Reason Like We Do

So why is scolding so bad? Scolding is something that humans have become accustomed to by experiencing it with other people. Although it does not make us feel good, we are able to learn from the mistake that we made if it is pointed out to us. However, dogs do not have the ability to reason, which is something that people have a tendency to forget, so scolding will not have the same effect on them.

You Might Be Sending The Wrong Message

For example, if your pooch goes potty on the carpet, and you shout at him, the only thing that he will take from the experience is to fear eliminating in front of you. In this scenario, he will continue to go potty inside, but hide it from you so that you don’t catch him in the act of doing it.

Just Trying To Make You Happy

You need to keep in mind that your dog does not perform bad behaviors to spite you or show defiance. He simply needs to be taught to act in a way that pleases you, because making you happy is what makes him happy. Even if you have not attended a school for dog trainers you can still correct his bad behavior in a way that will help him learn.

Positive Reinforcement

If you want to learn the best way to teach your pal not to perform unwanted behaviors the right way, consider reading up on positive dog training or hiring a  positive reinforcement dog trainer.

The best way to get results is to re-direct your pooch to an acceptable or wanted behavior. For example, if your precious pal is obnoxiously jumping on you when you walk in the door, simply turn your back to him. Ask him for a sit stay and reward him for this calm behavior. After repeating this action for a few weeks, your pooch should start offering you an acceptable sit and stay rather than the old unwanted behavior of jumping.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, serving Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, Fleming Island, Orange Park, and St. Augustine.




Desi attended Obedience

Obedience Student at Dogtown USA I just wanted to thank Pamela of Far Fetched Tales dog training for helping me so much with my dog Desi. Desi is a 100 pound Spinone Italiano who had gotten away with doing things his own way for the first 18 months of his life. I couldn’t control him, he was pushy, and his recall was non-existent. Thanks to Pamela and her awesome training methods, Desi now walks calmly beside me, comes when called and is learning to ignore distractions and focus on ME. And we’ve had so much fun learning and practicing! Thank you so much, Pamela. You rock!! Marie.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, and St. Augustine FL.