Dog Pool Safety

Dogs require supervision in the pool area at all times.

Falling in a pool could be a disaster for a dog who has not been taught how to get out.

For a safe and graceful lifesaving exit practice the following:

A.    We want the dog reaching the steps with a great celebration! So first gently carry your dog into the pool, show him how to locate the steps, reward and praise when your dog does find the steps. Once your dog is finding the steps 90% of the time, move on to exercise B.

B.    Swim a lap or two around the parameter of the pool with your dog, end with a jubilant exit at the stairs. Some water loving dogs may not want to get out, but all dogs need to be trained on how to properly exit a pool.

C.    Teach the dog to reach the steps from anywhere in the pool. Once the dog knows where the steps are this will help eliminate panic if the dog every falls into or is knocked into the pool by other dogs.

*If your dog is attending daycare where there is a pool, request this training be done before allowing your dog pool playtime.

Dog’s are not natural swimmers, use common sense. Always start swimming with your dog in a shallow area, never just toss your dog into the deep end as an introduction to swimming.

Always show your dog how to climb back into a boat, or reach the shore when swimming in lakes, rivers, etc. If your dog is not a strong swimmer, a doggy flotation device will be required for your dog’s safety.

Chlorine levels in pools should not be ingested by the dog, so always have a fresh bowl of water near by.

Pamela Wiltgen