About our trainer: 

Pamela Wiltgen – Kentucky Trainer/Owner – Serving Mason County, Paris, and Lexington, Kentucky 

Obedience Training
Pamela working on the look/watch me command.

Far Fetched Tales Dog Training combines over 40 years of experience from working with animals on the farm to competition. Pamela professionally showed and trained horses. Now she has shifted her passion to the world of canines.

Retired Kennel Master, GAMSD Medical Service Dogs, working with diabetic alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, mobility dogs, and PTSD dogs.   Recipient of 14 DOCNA National Agility Titles with both of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s.  Both Corgi’s were also ATA Treiball competitors.  

Private lessons on behavior problems have been my specialty during my tenor as a dog trainer.  Every dog is unique, and every situation is different. We address many problems including: house soiling, jumping, excessive barking, fear, chewing, barking, crate training, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior.

Pamela is also experienced in working with  service dogs for PTSD, Diabetic Alert, and Seizure Alert. On a daily basis, these service dogs perform miracles for those less fortunate.

Studies on canine behavior and research are on going for Pamela. Studies and research include such professionals as Patricia Mc Connell, Suzanne Hetts, and Dr. Dan Estp of Denver, CO. All of whom are authors of several articles, books, and seminars on canine behavior problems causes, effects, and the resolution. Their techniques and studies all are in a positive reinforcement soft approach, which if you change the environment your approach changes. The position of the animal’s head, their eye shape, twitches of an ear, or body posture tells Pamela the story about your dog. Far Fetched Tales Dog Training is a Certified Mentor Training Facility by the Animal Behavior College.

Pamela’s first dog, a mixed breed was what is now known as an “All American” but in the day this dog was a “Heinz 57”. Other dogs in Pamela’s life included Brittany and Springer Spaniels which were used and trained for pheasant (bird) hunting. A Saint Bernard, affectionately named “Alphie”, was a great ranch dog on Pamela’s farm, herding the pigs, cows, and horses, plus a guardian dog for her two children.

Dog’s owned and trained by Pamela have been recognized by their accomplishments. Harley – Pembroke Welsh Corgi has won 7  Nationals Titles and her second dog, Jo Dee – Pembroke Welsh Corgi has achieved 7 National Titles. (DOCNA- Dogs on Course North America) Other agility venues shown include AKC and NADAC. Pamela has shown her dogs from Phoenix, AZ to Stephentown, NY. Pamela has also been featured as a guest dog trainer on the Pet Radio Show and on BlogTalkRadio’s Aqua Botanic and Pet Radio Show.

Two Border Collies were recently added to Pamela’s home.  Bo’s Hell Bent   ( female border collie) who has recently achieved her AKC – CGC, AKC- Novice Trick Title,  AKC- Intermediate Trick Title, AKC – Advance Trick Title, AKC Community Canine Title, and AKC Urban Canine Title.    Tye One On  (male border collie) – AKC Virtual Manners Puppy, AKC STAR Puppy, AKC – CGC,  AKC Novice Trick Dog Title, and AKC-Intermediate Trick Title, AKC Advance Trick Dog Title, AKC Community Canine Title, and AKC Urban Canine Title.   

“Our Location is Your Front Door.” Private Lessons call our cell:  970-640-2202 .   Group Lesson registration is available on line by clicking on the registration tab at the top of this page.

AKC Canine Good Citizen
All you need is love and a dog. 

Pamela’s Certifications

  • ABC Certified Dog Trainer, attend ABC Animal Behavior College, Northridge, CA
  • Certified Mentor Training Facility by the Animal Behavior College.
  • AKC – CGC Evaluator 2011 to present
  • ATA – American Treibball Association Certified Instructor
  • Jacksonville Humane Society Volunteer
  • K-9 for Warriors Volunteer Dog Trainer of Service Dogs
  • Agility Instructor
  • Basic Obedience Instructor
  •  ABC Certified Dog Trainer
  •  The American Treibball Association Level II Certified Trainer
  • Jacksonville Humane Society Volunteer Trainer/Dog Handler
  •  Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Service Dog Trainer -Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs 
  • Kennel Master-Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs 
  • AKC Temperament Evaluator 


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

ABC Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College

Pals N Paws Agility Club

Pals and Paws Dog Agility Club

K9 for Warriors

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AKC American Kennel Club

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