If you’ve ever seen a working sheepdog, you know how amazing it is to watch herding dogs effortlessly move sheep. Treibball, one of the newest dog sports, makes an ex

Playing outdoors or indoors great exercise for your dog, and another bonding opportunity!

cellent substitute. Treibball is the newest competitive canine sport to come to the US. It was developed in Germany by Dutch dog trainer Jan Nijboer in 2003 and became a competitive sport in Europe in 2007. It is an off-leash game requiring the dog to herd 8 big exercise balls of varying sizes into a goal, acting on the handlers commands.

Some of the benefits of Treibball include building a stronger bond and improving communication between you and your dog, enhancing off leash reliability and promoting independent thinking. Many people like treibball because it allows their high-energy dogs to get some serious mental and physical exercise, but treibball is actually a great sport for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. It is challenging, but low impact, which makes it a great option for dogs and people of all abilities as well. In other words, it’s fun for all!

“It’s not about pushing the ball. It is about pushing the ball with control and skill.”

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Beginner’s Treibball

Basic introductory skills are introduced in order to prepare your dog for competition or just to learn a new backyard game, Herding instincts will be evaluated. All dogs must attend the beginner’s class before moving on to the next module level of training. This class is 4 weeks.

Module 1

Preparing for competition while honing skills of the handler and creating stronger bond with your dog’s introduction to off leash work. Review of the rules of the Treibball game. Push/Drive skills practiced. Correct usage of the staff and dog acknowledgement of the staff. This class is 4 weeks.

Module 2


and orientation skills are practiced and enhanced. Alignment skills of the dog and handler are a primary focus of this class. Review of the rules of the Treibball game at an intermediate level. Improved skills required for the dog to perform with distractions and on different surfaces. Cues are combined. This class is 4 weeks.

Module 3

Increase distance handling skills for control and accuracy. Increased lateral control, introduction of new obstacles, speed exercises, problem solving skills for both dog and handler are challenged. This class is 4 weeks.

Competition Readiness Class

Practice with the intent to compete. Review rules, test the performance of dog and handler also exercise the best resources to build a winning team for each competitor. Class is 4 weeks.


Driving the ball to the net
Driving the ball to the net






Treibball Training Video