Winter Bathing

Bathing During the Winter Months Tips

Here are some tips to help you bathe your dog indoors during cold winter months.

1. Never wash your dog outside if the weather is cold. This is particularly true for puppies – they have trouble regulating their body temperatures. Puppies should be at least four weeks old before they receive their first bath.

2. Before starting an indoor bath, make sure the house is warm. Turn up the thermostat a few degrees. Do your prep work. Have everything ready ahead of time – shampoo, towels, the works.

3. Start  by combing and brushing out all mats. Otherwise, the water will turn the mats into solid masses, which will require clippers to remove. If your dog’s hair is matted with paint, tar or some other sticky material, trim with clippers or soak the area with vegetable or mineral oil for 24 hours. (Consult a professional groomer for especially difficult tangles.)

4. Prep your dog. Put a drop of mineral oil in the eyes to protect them from suds. Some people use cotton balls in the ears. If you use cotton balls, make sure they’re the right size for your dog’s ears; if they’re too small, they may slip down the ear canal.

5. Bathe your dog as quickly as possible. Be thorough and do a good cleaning, but whether you’re using the tub or the shower get him in and out as soon as possible. Dry your dog immediately and as quickly as possible. Use a good pet shammy, lots of big soft towels, or a hair dryer set to a low setting. NEVER allow a wet dog to go outdoors in the winter.

Finally I want to tell you about a product that can make the actual bathing process MUCH easier, especially in winter. It is an amazing power-wash system that will thoroughly wet, wash and rinse your dog in about 3 minutes, penetrating all the way down to the skin to remove dirt and dander. And all you do is point the hose. It’s called RapidBath® . It uses the same powerful washing technology professional dog-groomers use – but it will cost you a lot less money. (The RapidBath costs less than one visit to the groomer!)

RapidBath is great for winter indoor baths because it does the job so quickly and it attaches to any shower or tub. If you like to wash your dog outdoors during warmer months, Rapid Bath also attaches to any garden hose.

And dogs really like the way the power spray massages their skin, so instead of struggling with you they relax and enjoy it.