Dog Poison

If your dog eats any of the items on this list, you do NOT have to worry unless the object becomes lodged in the stomach or intestines, causing an obstruction.

• Acrylic paint
• Ballpoint pens
• Bath oil
• Bubble bath soaps
• Candles
• Chalk
• Citronella candles
• Cosmetics
• Crayons
• Deodorants
• Elmer’s glue
• Fabric softeners
• Glow jewelry
• Hair conditioner
• Hand lotion
• Incense
• Indelible markers

If you have any doubt, always call your vet or local emergency clinic. Hydrogen Peroxide is a good tool to keep on hand. Take Vet professional advice first before you make a dog vomit using hydrogen peroxide.

***Always contact your vet if your dog has ingested sharp objects***

Give a small dog only about a capful of hydrogen peroxide. Use the cap of a regular sized bottle of hydrogen peroxide–about a teaspoon full. Administer more–around 2 tablespoons–to a larger dog. Fill a syringe so that you can use it to inject the liquid down into your dog’s throat.

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