Coming When Called

Are you on constant watch of an open front door or yard gate like a hawk when the dog is nearby lest Fluffy make a break for it and fail to return?

If your dog cannot be depended upon to instantly return to your side when you call him, you will either be stuck keeping him on a very short leash, or risk losing him to a host of dangers ranging from heavy traffic to wild animals to just plain getting lost.

Your dog learns a negative lesson if, after you’ve called him and he just sits there or trots off, you start chasing him around the yard. Wanting to throttle him when you finally catch him is a perfectly understandable human reaction. FIGHT IT OFF! Unfortunately, acting on these impulses will set you back even farther — your dog will start to fear you, particularly when you’re angry, and will try to put even more distance between you and him in the future.

This may sound drastic, but remember that running away, or not coming when called, can result in serious injury or death to your pet. Untrained dogs are an endangered species. Just ask your humane society how many dogs are euthanized for behavior problems or are strays with no one to adopt them. If we are to hold our dogs responsible for their actions, we must be aware of what part we play in influencing their behavior as well.

Having a dog who comes immediately when you call him is sometimes a happy accident of nature. More often, it’s the product of lengthy training, repetition and rewards.

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