Introducing a New Pet to your Home

  • Feed the new pet in a separate location.
  • Use separate food and water bowls for the first few days.
  • Feeding to close to another dog will create ill will between dogs
  • Keep a watchful eye over sharing of toys, best to start and stop all play.

Please refer to my calendar if you are looking for dog training in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra,St. Augustine, or the Beaches.




Grandfather Link for CGC Title

Remember that CGC grads will now have the choice to get the 1) CGC certificate only or 2) CGC as an official title (which also includes a certificate).  Link to application for your  grandfather title if your dog has previously received a CGC certificate.

This Saturday at noon AKC / CGC classes start at Dog Town USA. Dogs who pass will receive a dog scarf with the CGC Logo and personalized with their name.    Register on the calendar at  website.